One Day at a Time

Supposedly ignorance is bliss. I would have to add that denial is also bliss. I’ve been in a state of self-imposed denial for the last couple of months. I guess it’s not completely denial because there’s been acknowledgement of the issue – if you asked me about it I wouldn’t have said it didn’t exist. But other things have been more important. I just either haven’t been able to focus on it or I’ve chosen not to because I was going after bigger things.

Today, reality crept back in. The reality of life. Life that involves piles of laundry to be done, a long list of home repairs and projects that need attention, the fact that oh hello, it’s already October 25 and those trees in our yard that are currently covered in leaves soon won’t be. Because they’ll all be on the ground.

The past couple months have been almost surreal. In challenging and amazing ways. At the beginning of September, hubby had an ‘incident’ involving his motorcycle and although thankfully it wasn’t a major situation, he majorly messed up the skin (and several layers below it *ew*) on his knee.

The night prior to this, I had finally finished a new cleaning schedule for us to implement to attempt to get on top of that area of life. I was so excited to finally feel like we were getting ahead. Thanks to his need for extra care and diminished capacity, it has barely been looked at…which has been okay for the most part until today. Suddenly I realized (again) that our house looks like the Tasmanian devil ran through it. Possibly more than once.

Not only did hubby decide it would be fun to ‘shake up life’, but God did too. Two months ago this blog hadn’t even been thought about. I had no clue what a ‘write 31 day challenge’ was. But God decided in the midst of already being behind in ‘life’ and hubby’s ‘adventure recovery’ to throw it into the mix. And if writing every day in the month of October wasn’t enough, He decided it would be awesome to blow my mind and show up in huge ways.

This wasn’t just about a writing challenge but about opening the door for Him to come in and show off. I’ve seen hundreds of dollars in plane tickets provided for. My faith is stronger and has expanded exponentially. I do not see life from the same perspective as I did even a short 25 days ago. And that has been INCREDIBLE.

But in the midst of all of this God-awesomeness, ‘Life’ has been pushed aside.  The pile to sort through for Salvation Army that was started months ago is still sitting in our front room. Strange colors have shown up in bathroom sinks and toilets. The shower is looking like the beginning of a science project. I could go on.

As I sat in my living room this evening trying to think how in the world we were ever going to take care of all that needs to be taken care of…especially since I already feel like I could sleep for the next week and we have a very busy rest of the year with either one or both of us traveling for extended periods of time…I started to feel overwhelmed. I started to focus on the to do list and on the ideal situation I would love to be in and thought ‘this is impossible.’

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this position and thankfully I’ve gotten quicker with directing my thoughts to God instead of allowing myself to get carried out to the sea of despair…so I stopped and quieted my thoughts long enough for Him to remind me that all I have to do is take it one day at a time.

One day at a time. I get up and allow Him to direct my steps. One day at a time I work toward the goal. I keep my eyes locked on the goals that are important in God’s kingdom and not the goals of Pinterest’s kingdom ;). Or what anyone else says is the standard for where we should be in our lives.

Because if I were caught up in chasing after what the world defines as perfection (and honestly what my definition is too…I really would love to live in a nicely decorated and clean and organized house), then I would’ve missed out on what I’ve experienced over the past month. I would’ve missed out on His overflowing and overwhelming blessing and fresh revelation of who He is.

I’ll take fresh revelation from God over a perfect life any day!

31Days One Day at a TimeImage Credit: Erin Kass

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  1. This is so true! I need to remember that it’s not about a perfect life and God is with us in our imperfections. Loved this post!

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