Uniquely the Same

I read something yesterday that made me go ‘wow, that’s really good.’ A bit later it came to mind again and I realized that it really wasn’t the first time I had ever heard something along those lines. In fact I had probably heard the same concept several times before yet when I read the sentence yesterday it still resonated with me as if it were the first time I had ever heard it.

It was a reminder that we each have a unique story to tell. Some of our stories may sound alike. Some of our revelations from God may be the same thing about the same verse. But there’s still value in each one of our ‘translations’. I mean, look at all the translations of the Bible…the content is generally the same yet each version gives you a different way to consider it!

We so easily get lost in the trap of comparison and feel as though we have nothing new to bring to the table. But absolutely no two people, even identical twins are alike. Every single one of the gazillion (that’s a real number right?!) people who have ever walked the face of this earth has been one-of-a-kind. No duplicates. And we’re ALL made in the image of Christ (let THAT one sink in for a minute if you want your mind blown about the greatness and HUGEness of God!)

You are valuable. You are capable of bringing worth to the world. If you have been told otherwise, it’s a nasty lie from the enemy. Because you were created as a masterpiece by the most talented artist anyone has ever known. So what if someone else seems to have the same _____ as you. They don’t have your experiences and insight that mix with that ____ to make it uniquely yours.

Put on the blinders that block out the comparisons and go boldly after the YOU that God created to rock this life and leave a legacy for future generations.

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