Day 11: Selah

I’m definitely not a Bible scholar and haven’t done a ton of research on this…but from what I’ve read and heard, ‘Selah’ is thought to be a time to pause, praise and reflect. On this 11th day of the Write 31 Day challenge, it is definitely time for Selah.

It’s hard for me to believe that this journey has only been 10 days so far. I’ve had to smirk to myself multiple times as I’ve seen God use my words to encourage other people. My under-analyzed, non-edited words. 🙂 And there has been such freedom in that. I’m starting to realize that it’s maybe not as much the perfectionism that can hold me back as much as it is my tendency to over-analyze and try to consider every single possible angle to come up with the ideal scenario. Trying to come up with the ideal or most efficient scenario is beneficial in some situations but often it is pretty prohibitive.

I’m honestly a little surprised that I’m on day 11 and haven’t missed a day. But that’s also a testament to the power of just ‘go-ing’. Just doing. Having somewhat of a direction and just going for it without knowing all the details ahead of time.  I’m seeing how my approach to this blog is shifting my approach to other areas of life. I decided to dive in head first and I’ve had to rely on God for each step…

Which is another huge thing I wasn’t expecting. Yesterday I read Sarah Lango’s blog post about being ‘Nothing Without Him‘. She wrote “I write because He teaches me the lessons, He speaks to me through His word, He guides my fingers as they slide across the keyboard and words fly upon that blank document, making it something. ”

He is our inspiration. This challenge has pushed me to seek His inspiration every single day (because otherwise you would’ve read A LOT about my pugs…like, I would’ve just had to change the title to ’31 Days in the Life of a Crazy Pug Lady!). It has made me consistently pay attention to things that otherwise have the tendency to get lost in the ‘ick’ of life. It has been awesome to stay in tune to the ‘love nuggets’ as I call them, that He leaves for us to find as we go about our daily lives. They’re all over yet we get so distracted by things that don’t matter and miss out on His blessings. THIS is where I want to live…where life is fully alive. Where life is full of His presence and glory.

I can’t wait to see what He reveals through days 12-31! 🙂

31Days SelahImage Credit: Erin Kass Photography

2 thoughts on “Day 11: Selah

  1. Erin, beautiful post. It is so easy to get caught up in what others will think etc. I often second guess my posts too. I too am trying to dive in head first! God is the ken who blesses us and we need to remember that.

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