For Future Generations: Delight and Be

Stop what you’re doing, push pause on life for a few minutes and jump in your time machine. Travel back to your teenaged years…specifically when you were between the ages of 13-21. Some of you may be ready to immediately jump back to the present or attempt to travel to a different time, but just hang out with me for a moment.

I know all of your experiences were different. Some of you may have had some of the best years of your life. Maybe you were the popular star of the football team or homecoming or prom queen. Or the top athlete in your sport in your state. Or maybe you were the creative artsy one and spent your days in the band room or auditorium practicing the next production for your theater class.

Regardless of your experience, we all either had a community of friends who ‘got’ us…or we didn’t. If you had a close group of friends you know how important and valuable that was and if you were more of a loner, you can probably remember thinking how nice it would’ve been to have them.

For the past year and a half, God has used Delight to completely rock my world. I never imagined that a ministry for teenaged girls would be on my radar but now I can’t imagine life without the hundreds of unbelievably wonderful young ladies that are firmly planted in my heart.

Delight is ‘home’. It’s the place where creative girls, ages 13-21 can experience the unconditional love of their Heavenly Daddy. Being a teenager isn’t easy and it can be especially difficult when you’re a ‘creative weirdo’ that doesn’t fit the mold. But in Delight, ‘weird’ is the norm. Creatives are free to be who God created them to be: unique, quirky, silly, and fun daughters of the King.

It’s a community where girls encourage one another to go farther in their relationships with God. It’s a safe place to share dreams and goals and to be cheered on by fellow young Christian creative women who are in the same stages of life. The relationships that have formed through retreats and our online FB group are supernaturally incredible.

What started as a retreat for photographers has now grown into a ministry that celebrates all areas of the creative arts. We are so excited for this upcoming year as we have plans to really focus on these seven areas : Theater/Drama, Culinary Arts, Music, Graphic Arts (graphic design, drawing, painting, etc), Photography/Videography, Dance, and Writing/Blogging.

I just got back from WA where I was part of a Delight leaders retreat. We prayed and brainstormed about the future of this ministry and knew that in order to become all that God has for it/us, we have to become a non-profit organization. But like many other things in life, the non-profit process requires money… $10,000!

We set up an indiegogo site and are already more than half way to our goal (in LESS than two weeks time! It’s been incredible to see how God provides!) but we still need more partners to come alongside us as we push on toward the vision that God has given.

PLEASE pray about becoming a character in this story that God is writing! Skip a coffee run or two this month and invest that $10 in the next generation of Godly young women instead. Or if giving isn’t an option, please help us spread the word by sharing this post!

We want to see every single creative young lady find purpose in her God-given gifts and talents. It is an awesome thing to see the light bulb moments as these girls realize they have the capacity to do great things! Thank you for helping to make these moments happen 🙂

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