Life is in the Moments

Life is in the Moments

I was born on Memorial Day. 5/25/81. I’ve had some pretty great birthdays over the years: weekend getaways with friends, nice dinners, a Titanic themed murder mystery party (complete with costumes and the actual final dinner from its fateful night) , puppy Stitch, the first night in our new house, and a trip to Paris.

2015’s celebration didn’t have all the bells and whistles but I can easily add it to this list of greats. This year was about celebrating life and all its mundane glory. Sunsets over the water and sitting around a fire with new friends. Unexpected deliveries and intentionally coordinated gift wrap. Showing someone love just because they’re human…not because he/she has done anything to earn it. Remembering the fragility of life and just how quickly circumstances can change. Realizing our lives are truly not about ourselves but how we can serve and love on others.

My goal for year 35 is to stay mindful that life – true living – is in the moments. It’s in the seemingly mundane and often overlooked details. There is treasure all around us if we simply train our eyes to see it.

Bday Weekend-1002

Bday Weekend-1003

Bday Weekend-1004

Bday Weekend-1005

Bday Weekend-1006

Bday Weekend-1007

Bday Weekend-1008

Bday Weekend-1010

Bday Weekend-1011Image Credits: Erin Kass


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